Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the greatest ole miss student!

after freezing our butts off at the game this weekend in Oxford, we to dinner at one of our favorite hang-outs, Proud Larry's. it is one of the only restaurants in Oxford that has not changed. the SAME PAINTING of an african villager is in the ladies room that was there in 1996! it is a cool place, great calzones and an awesome atmosphere. part of the ambiance that we experienced this time at Proud Larry's was "William", the college sophomore that was "three sheets to the wind" when we got there. the bar was somewhat crowded and our seat backs were connected to him and his date. it did not take him long to notice our adorable children and begin to talk to them.
(Will's voice read in a slurry voice)
Will- please don't think i'm weird, i just LUUUV kids! we are nice college students i promissssss. i just really like kids i want like sixxx or seven of em! really, i do. are ya'll alumni'''s?
Bert- yes we are.
Will- oh really, awesome, were you in a fraternity?
Bert- yes, i was a Sigma Nu.
Will- Dude, i was a SIGMA-CHI!
Bert- oh, great. i had a lot of friends that...
Will- (interrupting and turning to me) were you in a SORRRORRITY???
Me- yes, I was a Tri Delt.
(prepare yourself for Will's next question)

oh. no. he. did. not.
oh. yes. he. did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am OLD it is official. i have gone from thinking that i might blend in to this cool college bar but the three kids, coloring books, novelty cups and a new set of crows feet gave me away. i am giving in! i am exposing this kid's photo to the world wide web and the few people that read my blog! SHAME, william, SHAAAAMMMME! EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME!!!!!

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