Saturday, October 3, 2009

I took the kids yesterday to the thrift store. it is fun for them to find something to buy that does not break the bank. it gets us out of the house and I get to look for my newest thing, old salt and pepper shakers! everything was fine until Crunch needed to go to the potty. I LOVE the thrift store BUT the bathroom is disCRUSTing!
Crunch and i stand there waiting on the one stall to come available. of course i am wispering to Crunch "don't touch ANYTHING. not a thing, just stand. don't move". toilet flushes, and a tall large woman walks out. one of those panicky feelings comes over me because i can hear the wheels turn in Crunch's brain....................he says before i can blink,
"Mom,look at that BIG FAT MAN!"
oh. my. goodness...think fast liz
"yes you are BAT MAN aren't you? are you BAT MAN today?
i think that i might have recovered this horrifying moment but you never know if the words of an unfiltered child hurt the feelings of a seemingly nice lady. I have had to recover from all three of the kids saying something of the sort to unsuspecting citizens just minding their own business.
Peanut pointed to a woman at the zoo and said "that lady's bottom is on the front".
Butter told a blind lady in a doctor's waiting room that she was "weawy weawy big".
We do not say things about weight in our house! i do not know where they have gotten it or if they are just stating obvious observations. but OH does it do a number on ME!
KIDS, they say the darndest things!!

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