Monday, October 5, 2009


i love my friend Mac! she is so dear to me. an artist too. she is older than me, wiser in many ways. BUT i think we probably are the same in how old we "think" we are. she has been through more in her life than me. she has more depth to her because of those cavities left behind from pain. she is a believer. but one of those believers that has probably said to God more than once, "I don't know if i believe you, Lord. do you REALLY love me OR do you just wind me up and watch me spin around in circles". SHE investigates, draws conclusions, based on facts. her facts always point toward the Lord. i LOVE MAC!
she wrote this GREAT post on her blog about status updates and how really peculiar the word "status" is for what we actually "post". i fall into her category of people that post what they are doing because they like communicating communally. it makes me feel less alone in this world of little ones, and rated G TV. ANYWAY, the word "status" for me just means "what are you doing, thinking, feeling etc. since i am an open book with everyone anyway, i do like to post my status....often. sometimes very often which can give the world a view of me that i have nothing better to do. also, it begs the point, (as asked by my friend bee) if you are having such a hard time with your kids then how do you have the time to be on stinkin' facebook all the time? a great response to bee's question is "how do you KNOW i am on Facebook if YOU are not also INDEED on Facebook yourself?
Mac, in her post, takes time to write what she is ACTUALLY doing and what a REAL status update would look like IF we filled it in with the real stuff. SO, to steal her idea here goes:
i sit here, pillow behind my back, Bert's back is to me. he has been snoring pretty bad lately but it almost lulls me to sleep in a weird way. frannie is at the end of our bed and she is breathing loudly. i go through things i said and did today and beat myself up over them. either i think i have come across too pushy, way too honest, or embarrassed someone, OR said the very wrongEST thing. i will think over this for a while. my eyes drift closed between thoughts. i can't pray because i will fall asleep in the middle of it. written prayers have always been the better bet. i can keep my train of thought a little bit better. so here goes with that,
dear Lord,
thank you for this day and for the kids. Lord I am so sorry for the pain that i might have caused___today. Lord, help me to be more humble. my life needs to be a focus and a pointer toward you! not me. Lord you have showed me so much grace in my life. why me? why is our home so blessed while others suffer? Lord thank you for the church, the pastors and their lives. thank you for Bert. PLEASE give him some relief from his stress. i pray for beau and Em. Paul too. Help this blog to glorify you LORD! point others towards the cross. in Jesus' name, amen.
So, i finish praying and then i will publish this post hoping that i have not gone too far, been too open, hurt any one's feelings etc. decide if there is a good picture to publish with it.
Mac, don't be mad at me but i am going to point people over to your blog.
click on "Existing is just Existing" on "sites i likes"

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