Thursday, August 20, 2009

waffle breakfast fit for a hamster!

i woke up this morning to a scream! "WHERE IS MY HAMMMSSTTEERRR?" the hamster was not in his cage. had he had somehow opened his cage door, climbed out, and closed the door behind him? not possible! but SOMETHING had to explain his absence. we turned Peanut's room upside down looking for that little guy. we asked Crunch if he had gotten Rico out. he said, "yes" and then we asked him where he put him. his answer was, "in the magnet drawer". we figured out he was talking about the locked cabinet. all four of us piled in front of the cabinet to see what was inside.......nothing. well, except for the snack food. then we heard a little voice..."gimme a pop-tart". that little stinker was using Rico's "supposed" abduction to get us to open the pop tart cabinet! shameless.

We continued our search for the hamster when it dawned on us that it had to be Peanut herself that had sleepwalked, gotten the hamster out and either put him in bed with her or just let him go. while sitting on the floor of the bedroom we heard a tiny noise, and then discovered the hamster in the corner. he was tired from his adventure, very thirsty, but alive. we do not know what happened in the night nor will we ever but Rico will reside on a high shelf starting tonight!
don't worry too much about Rico! Peanut treated him to a waffle breakfast to make up for the unfortunate experience.

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