Friday, August 21, 2009


OK so my friend Coco is one of those KNOW STUFF people. cuz she knows everything. she taught me everything about thrift store shopping and the proper time and places to get the best deals. now she informs me of this REALLY easy way to earn these "bucks" that you actually get to buy stuff with! all i have to do is, instead of using my normal search engine i click on my swagbucks link and search there. each time i search for ANYTHING i get bucks. coco has earned so many starbucks coffee bucks that she never pays for coffee! it's not just coffee! go on the website and check it out. if you get your friends to join you get their bucks too! it is a win win. coco goes on the search engine and searches for random stuff everyday just to get the bucks shhhh don't tell!

click on my SWAG BUCKS title above and it will link you to the registration page. give it a try!

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