Sunday, August 16, 2009

the middle

the middle child. it is such a curious thing. "Butter", my 6 year old is not really your typical middle. he makes a little more noise than most and requires an extreme amount of attention. he does not enjoy his alone time and really needs him some mommy. ALTHOUGH not a leg hugger. he does require a hug every time he changes locations. i write about Butter tonight because he is WEARING ME OUT. the start of kindergarten is great but has caused him to be even more tired, needy and GRUMPY! ARRGGHH. he does tell me he loves me about ten times a day and wants kisses. but i just took a bite of his "skettio-s" and that did not fly. i apparently have germs that do not transfer when kissing only when drinking some of his juice box or using the same spoon or spork. he requires the singing of desperado, a prayer, book and hug for nighttime. usually i can negotiate for a little less but his whining usually wins and i give in out of sheer exhaustion. his blue eyes will knock your socks off and he has the sweetest smile you have ever seen. i am trying to remember these good times and one day i won't be his "best girl" anymore.

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