Sunday, August 30, 2009

drain flies ATTACK!

what we thought were fruit flies were found to be drain flies. coming up from the SEWER!!!!!!! ARGGGHHH BARF!! they twittle flittle around the house and hang out near the sinks. Bert got rid of them by pouring some sort of drain cleaner down the drains with enzymes? i dunno, some sort of something our plumber gave us. we think it scared them away or killed the live ones BUT OH NO not the eggs i guess because a couple of weeks feel like a scene from the Birds! but of course even Hitchcock could not have imagined these drain flies. we came home from church and i discovered their "convention" that they are holding in our guest bathroom. i keep trying to swat them myself but they are FAST. i put a couple of wine glasses with white and red wine around the sinks. the bugs hang out on the glasses but only a few "lightweights" fall into the wine, get shnockered, and drown. i will say that spraying them when they land with "Fantastic Oxy Power" kills them instantly but it does not give me quite the thrill that smacking them with my hand does! don't worry, my hands are washed off each time i catch one. there are too many of them to smack so something else is going to have to work. i will find out when Bert gets home from the home improvement store. to be continued~~
ok later tonight...drain flies still flying around and i am still trying to clap my hands and smash them. Bert put some SKUNK smelling stuff down every drain in the house and therefore, hopefully clearing out the drains. he was even scrubbing the drains with some nappy toothbrush. PLEASE TELL me that he throws it away. he did not. he likes to "keep things for future use." so now the flies do not have anywhere to go because they are not going back to the skunky drains. i have set up the wine around so that they can spend time at the "bar" before they die their natural 48 hour life. or pass out into the wine. Bert thinks that the creators of "a bug's life" had drain flies and then came up with the bar scene. we have closed the bathroom door and prohibited entrance until i KNOW that they are dead. will update tomorrow.

TODAY....oh my goodness the little boogars are still flying around! i am going crazy. well, that might be too late. they are just flying around my house and waiting to die. apparently they only live for about 48 hours. i keep catching them by spraying them when they land. it is kinda fun i have to admit. BUT it is not so fun when we are having dinner and they are joining us. bert tries to make like they "aren't that bad! hilarious, he swats at them but acts like he is pointing at one of the kids. bert has poured the stuff from lowes down the drains again to make sure that the drains are being treated. he cleaned out the drains "plumber style" took them apart and cleaned out the gunk so the eggs can't stick in there. eeewwww. we'll see. I KNOW you are hanging on the edge of your seat!!!
My friend told me that she has been battling these for years and they finally found the stuff that works.
here is the site
Bert put something down our drains mainly the two ingredients are enzymes and ammonia. but we had to do it TWICE and Bert has to clean the heck out of our drains first. but try the link by clicking on the title of my post "drain flies attack"

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