Saturday, August 15, 2009

my first post. blogtastic!

i am thrilled that i think i have made it through the summer without completely losing it. i have only upped one dosage of one of my medications. i felt like i was going to start screaming out of my eyes so i went to 1ml on my klonopin. a little better. now i just holler out of my eyes. as i try and write my 1st post i am reminding myself to let the reader know that this blog is really about getting my thoughts out of my body, where they fester, and onto the computer screen. i think maybe one day i will be able to look back and laugh at these times. and i think it is neat to be able to record them and possibly get some encouragement from those that are traveling the same path of life. 1.marraige,>>>>>>>>>>> 3. me. need to insert God where he belongs #1 but still working on it. thank the Lord for HIS FREE GRACE!!

New paragraph. i do not ever know when to begin new paragraphs. not so great at spelling or punctuation so don't judge. just read and know that at the time that most of my posts will be written will be at moments of frusteration, with the kids still offending. or after the much TOO needed glass of wine or two. or in the bed, usually around 11:30pm while listening to Bert snoring. or listening to him sigh and toss and turn because i have chosen to be with the computer rather than him. sorry Bert, really i am.

At the time of this post, "Crunch", my three year old, is eating a PBandJ in his Superman skivvies and donning a pirate hat and sword. he sits on the couch, watching Wall-E and wiping his sticky hands in his HAIR! this is one of my favorite "Crunchisms". "Butter" has a play date at the pool and "Peanut" just went to eat lunch with a friend. all is well with only one kid around. AS long as Wall-E does it's job as a free babysitter for it's 85 minute running time.

if you have not figured out my children's nicknames, here is some help: "Peanut Butter Crunch"

8 yr old girl "Peanut". 6 yr old boy "Butter". 4 year old boy "Crunch".

All three a gift and only on loan from God my father

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