Thursday, August 27, 2009

out of my shell

we went to the zoo yesterday! i always have fun at the zoo because i am fascinated at all of the animals. their colors, design, and complexity boggle my mind. i can't believe that ANYONE can go to the zoo, look at the animals and NOT believe that they were created by GOD! i love the new tortoise exhibit. they are just freely wandering around. none hiding in their shells. i guess they are fearless in numbers!

I sometimes feel like a tortoise. stuck under a shell. my outer shell controlling my inner person. the one God made. But, did he not make both outer and inner? my outer shell of wife and mother are there for a purpose. to remind me of my commitments at this time. my husband and children. my inner self wants to run away sometimes. but my shell keeps me here. i can't quite move like i would like to. join a band as the lead tambourine and sometimes singer. or run away to new york city and hang out in coffee shops/and art galleries and just chat with the locals. i can't go on a speaking tour or an artist's excursion. all of these dreams might not EVER come true. not right now. GOD has me HERE and if he has to put a big shell on my back to remind me of my commitments and what is BEST for me. does this mean that i am BOUND? no, it does not. He has many plans for me and i might not EVER know why he has me in some of the spots that he does, but i need to be comfortable in the shell that i'm in and look at it as my protection not my burden. Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. proverbs 19:21

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