Monday, August 24, 2009

the day i lost my hair

normal day, i suppose... except for the fact that i was 36 weeks pregnant with my second child. after a slow morning at home with the two year old it was time to take a shower and get ready for the day. i got in the steamy shower and glanced at myself in the mirror. after all, i felt pretty. i always feel pretty when i am expecting children. i feel all glowy and my skin is usually clear and i love my big belly. i love feeling the baby move. i love having big boobs! everything about pregnancy usually is quite appealing to me. i had also just found out that my cervix was 1 centimeter dilated and that meant that the baby was moving towards his grand exit of my body and entrance into the world.

feeling the hot water smooth out my hair and run down my body i still could hear Dora the Explorer playing loudly in the next room entertaining Peanut. relaxation. all with the world is good, i thought. while squirting the shampoo into my hands and preparing to shampoo my newly highlighted blond hair i had no idea what the next moment would do to me. lathering up my hair, something very odd began to happen. my hands became entangled in my hair in a "cobweb" effect. i brought my hands down to see that my hair was indeed in my hands. well of course not all of it, but a significant amount. this had never happened in all of my life and i reached up again and felt my hair and once again, cobwebs. i knew at that point. something is not right. not right in my world. i had no idea, although how much God was going to use me over the next chapter of my life.

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