Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new painting "The Grove" sold to a Jackson belle.

Going to OLE MISS was one of the best times of my life! i met Bert there! i was in a FABULOUS sorority and i enjoyed every minute of being social and also attending classes which brought me an art degree. i took one painting class from the wonderful painter Jere Allen. He was so great at teaching us how to see and render, JUST PUT SOMETHING ON THE CANVAS, then work with that, and layer and layer. when i graduated i worked with my MRS. degree first and then came back to painting. i work mainly on commissions. i do the occasional "show". with three kids, it is a little hard to make a full time career out of anything. i major in mothering, with a minor in Art, and thrifting. for now. but, we shall see what the future holds when all of my peeps are in school.


  1. if anyone is interested in commissioning a painting of the Grove. question? do you have any ole miss home game tix. possibly ALABAMA game? i will trade a 12x12 Grove painting. original! leave a comment with an e-mail address.

  2. Do you have any more like this? Cost? Would love to get this as a gift this year for Christmas.

  3. Do you have any more grove paintings?? Cost???