Wednesday, June 2, 2010

where is feebie????? where is phoebe??????

megan, phoebe's special friend at the shelter

THERE SHE IS!!! in the OFFICE at animal control! still with a fever so she can't come home. BUT...who would want to?? "'not i!' said the FLY!'" for the past couple of days she has been hangin with the staff of animal control, eatin' chicken, baked potatoes, french name it. she is under the doc's care but it seems to be ok to give her people food all day to "fatten her up". O......K? i always thought that people food was a no no but the reason why i don't mind is this: she is not in a cage. HOPEFULLY she is becoming more socialized and she is getting loved on. we will deal with the food issue later. i just want her to get better! poor feebs. PS i am taking votes on her middle name.
here is what i am thinking:
Phoebe "buffay"
Phoebe "faith"
Phoebe "brooke"
Phoebe "nana"
Phoebe "frances" (after the late frannie)
Phoebe "chic" (from all of the chic-fil-a she has had)
let me know your vote or feel free to submit an idea.

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  1. we are at the beach and we all vote for phoebe buffay.