Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i just want a lil pound pup and my friend has one that speaks italian.

could not get A THING done today. headed out to a animal shelter that i thought was just about 15 minutes away and it ended up being 30 minutes. i got there at 11:00 and they said i could not see the puppies until noon (because they clean cages all morning). so, since i had to pick up kids from VBS  i had to leave, with my tail between my legs after begging a little...which did not work because they see puppy eyes all the time and it does not phase them. 1 hour round trip and did not see a dog. then a friend called and had met a man with a box of puppies. by the time i got to him he had sold them all for $25. they were shih-tzu pekingese mix. PERFECT. oh well. Lord, you know even the plan of a perfect little furry friend for us. i am just trying to be patient.
SPEAKING of dogs. you can check out my friends' sight where you can watch a live feed of their lagoto from Italy nursing her 6 puppies. they went to Italy to retrieve (ha) this breed and brought her back, and now will have their Italy trip paid for plus! these are fascinating dogs!!  you have never seen a more amazing dog. PERFECT temperament. i offered a "wall sized" painting to them in exchange for a puppy but they are already spoken for (all over the country!)
here it is!! copy and paste to your browser

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