Monday, June 7, 2010

feebs has tummy trouble?

i am SHOCKED! my shelter dog that is still in the shelter has a tummy bug? wait, let me get this straight.....she has been hanging out in the office and the last time i talked to them, she was eating a sausage biscuit! of course she has the runs! when did the "no people food" rule become null and void?? i am getting so frustrated! can you tell?

Doc told me again why we can't have her until her fever goes down and stays down for three days. if she gives us a sick dog and then something happens to the will be traumatic. so now i am worried and already traumatized that i fell in love with a sick pup! i really need some guidance here. but then she said, "we are so glad you are not giving up on phoebe". i don't know how long to hold on. my kids are sad, they want a dog. they want phoebe. the vet can't promise me she won't get sicker. what if something traumatic happens? i don't want to give up on her. i also don't want to traumatize the kids. i KNOW that the vet will not put her to sleep (unless she is on her deathbed). it just might take months to get her. i love feebs! does ANYONE have any words of wisdom?? preferably someone who has a shelter dog. you can post as anonymous by the way.

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