Saturday, June 12, 2010

sad for phoebe

after prayer and advice from friends, we have decided to let our ties with feebie the dog, go. she is still sick and can't seem to get better. she will remain at the shelter to get well. if they had let me, i would have taken her to my vet, but this was not the case. we will begin to pray for another dog for our family. i am trying to do what is best for our family and the dog. HOPEFULLY a rescue group will be able to take her and nurse her back to health...if they allow them to. i plan on keeping up with her and how she is doing. i had to call and talk to the adoption dude and he was nice about it, but disappointed. we will be praying for another family to come along right as phoebe gets well, and that it will be a perfect match. i have been assured that they will not put her to sleep. they have spent too much money on medicine and spaying to put her down. i feel somewhat like a piece of poop but i pray that my decision is the right one.
this was the first day i met her. she was much healthier in this picture

love you feebs.

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