Wednesday, June 9, 2010

make-over (in the car)...before and after! YIKES!



powder by lancome "ageless minerale" fixes the concealer but is sheer

powdered and "fixed"

eyebrow brush (also used for eye liner)

a little mascara and i am almost finished!

people don't usually believe me when i say i do not have great skin. i tell them, i have good concealer and i know how to do my make-up! in fact, i NEVER leave the house without my concealer and blush! YET i am posting this. from years of modeling and trying to be perfect, i think it is a bit liberating to share my "naked" skin to the WORLD...or just my junkies! DISCLAIMER: i was not actually driving  the car. i only did this in the car for the natural lighting purposes!

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