Monday, June 28, 2010


well, i have been BUSY! doing the kids camp was really fun but VERY tiring! one afternoon i sat on the couch to read and found myself three hours later still on the couch with the book on my chest. crunch had just been hanging out and the house was a mess, but no harm done. NO MORE naps without another adult around, i promise. peanut actually had taken her 9 year old self down to a friend's house and hung out with her and i did not even know it. YIKES!!!!!! ok, for real...thank you Lord that you (once again) continue to protect my children as my stupidity plagues me!
the kids are very tired also which makes life around here pretty grumpy. when the kids are grumpy, they fight! this is exasperating to me and i feel like i might just have to be admitted. STOP FIGHTING!!!!! this morning they were going at it and i said OK READING TIME! sent the two instigators into their rooms to read. only one could actually read and you would think i was tearing off her nails one at a time. the other is still learning to read so i thought we should have our little "homework" session. i had to send him back into his room because his adhd med had not kicked in and literally it was like trying to get a jack russell terrier to calm down and do flashcards. a few minuted passed and we tried again. it was hard but we got through 20 minutes of ULTIMATE FUN! now, I feel like someone has ripped my toenails off. does anyone know of a good tutor?? i am just not cut out for it. i can teach them to draw or paint and i am great at reading to them BUT teaching to read....THAT is another story!

my sister came over to start the redecorating re-arranging process in my dining room. since i bought a new table "farmhouse" style. i thought i wanted a "farm" look. she told me "i don't think you want a "farm" look. like roosters and red and white gingham do you? NO, she answers for need to integrate your eclectic artsy style into a "rustic" look". SO, a farmhouse artsy eclectic room? we shall wait and see how this turns out. i have one assignment, a 64" painting that will cover one wall. i just have to PAINT it and i am extremely anxious about painting something so different and BIG. i will not paint a GINORMOUS OWL i promise. BUT maybe a really unique abstract that might combine elements of my favorite hymns and words of truth! we'll see.
sara is a great decorator and just starting out. check out her cool blog "A WALK THROUGH". she has a great way of decorating on a budget! I must add that she is starting a job at an amazing oriental rug shop where i KNOW she will make contacts. Paige Allbright Orientals. beautiful shop and a great way to get started with any room is an amazing rug.......OR a piece of art?

this is the "before" pic of my dining room. stay tuned for the "after"! NO PRESSURE, SARA!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I hope I won't let you down. (Except for when I let you down because I left you with a mess for a house...but that's just sister stuff).