Thursday, June 17, 2010


ignore the ottoman that does not match! but it holds legs and feet very nicely!

the rug is awesome too! it came from a garage sale. a wife had never liked her husband's taste in rugs!

the over sized couch was cramping my style!

last years "junk jackpot" couch!

I walked into the Salvation Army Family Store five minutes after they opened yesterday and there they were!!!!!! waiting on me! two matching leather chairs...[to replace our over sized poofy couch that has been taking up most of the room in our family/TV area.] they were eighty bucks each and i GRABBED them!!  they are so similar to the couch that i bought LAST year at another Salvation Army across town. YES, you remember, i FLUNG my body on the couch until a worker came up and asked me if i was ok... i told him i was not moving until he found the ticket for the couch... my friend Co found me there and was laughing so hard at me as she had to take my place on the couch while i investigated the situation about the couch not having a ticket and CAN they sell it without one????? yada yada....well that was a year ago and now i hit freakin' junk jackpot with two chairs for one hundred and sixty dollars! OF COURSE, i do not have them in the same room with my couch because that would be way too much fine leather in one room! this was my thrift find of the year. i will be careful not to get too confident. you have to be at the right place at the right time for this kind of find! the more you go, the better your chances. the more you go, the easier it is to not "get excited" about everything. i put less in my cart now. i tend to browse as a thrifting veteran would....careful not to become a hoarder. i DO NOT want to be on that show. neither does bert. his favorite line is, "you sure do spend a lot of money, saving money."