Saturday, June 12, 2010

Facebook reaction to my makeover

FACEBOOK reaction to my "make-over in the car...before and after YIKES"post......scroll down on this page to see it

My FACEBOOK POST: (letting friends know i have a new blog post up)
my "balsy-ist" post YET.....get ready. every acne ridden girls nightmare! you are not alone! read my post.

C:    thank you, brave woman! You are beautiful, inside and out!

C:    does the Lancome concealer not clog your pores back up again? What kind of cleanser do you use?

Liz:    neutrogena acne control... i've been to the derm. most of the spots you see are scars, dark places that i have to cover daily!

Liz:   everything is oil free.

C:    I'll try neutrogena, too! Do you use neutrogena moisturizer?

Liz:    i bought the neutrogena that is supposed to be like proactive and it has a moisturizer with sunscreen. and a benzoyl per. cream

A:    Loved that post. Last year my mother chastized me for about an hour about how I'm 35 and I need to get over breakouts because no one else my age has them (because I can totally tell my skin to listen to my mom). Anyway, a complex regimen of St Ive's green tea wash and scrub and putting tea tree oil in my moisturizer finally fixed my problems. I actually recommend both to all my other 30-something friends who still break out regardless of what my mother thinks!

Thank you, A-- I will try the St Ive's green tea and the tea tree oil! --C

Liz:    ooooooooooh

CR:   and proactive is AWESOME- seriously.

S:   Proactive is the best! I'm 38 and I have used it for 8 years. It's the only product that has EVER kept my skin clear!

A:   I'm sure proactive is great, but I'm horribly allergic to benzoyl peroxide and have thus been on a lifetime quest for more natural that's what I know.

"facial friend":    Exfoliation is the key

Liz:    "facial friend" is the key. ps i exfoliate every night.

facial friend:    Liz, you are sweet. :)

C:    I like beauticontrol's scrub for exfoliating!

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