Sunday, June 20, 2010

the story of cheerio~ the dog!

i was told to be patient. i feel like all i have had is patience. 6 weeks of waiting for phoebe. and then the possible adoption of a precious terrier at the humane society. i am emotionally spent!! my sweet friend ali encouraged me to BE PATIENT and wait for the "right dog". so, as a last ditch impatient effort, i went to the saturday adoption at animal adoptions in homewood on crescent ave. people bring their dogs that they are trying to place in forever homes. i arrived 5 minutes early and went in. i looked at a couple of sweet "too big" dogs and felt a little let down. then as i was standing in the main area inside, my OWN VET'S TECHNICIAN walked in with this cute little dog! she said, "Hey Liz! this is 'beagle dog!" of course i was shocked because i did not know that she had this dog!
we sat and talked about this 1 year old pup. he had been thoroughly vaccinated, neutered, and socialized. she had found him four months ago wondering the highway! he had spent the following months in her home and at the vet clinic. he had been socialized with dogs and cats and LOVES children! hey! sounds good.  we talked a few minutes longer and we decided that i would take him. if there were problems to arise, i would simply return him to the vet's office!
i brought him home. he came to life! Butter bonded with him like crazy. he LOVES HIM!! he named him CHEERIO....i don't know why. i will say that i like it because it does have a reference to the "cheerio's" on GLEE!  he is doing great. besides the first day, he has not tried to run away. we give him treats often and feed him so i don't think he will go far if he gets out again. he loves the outside so i can leave him to lay on our outdoor couch on the covered porch.
OH, you might be wondering about Moss the Dog. well, he was fine with Cheerio yesterday. today?.....well, let's just say, i don't think he expected him to be a "long term" visitor. it might take some time. they do play, but Moss is tired and old. So, his patience is slim.
as for butter, i have never seen him so excited. this is huge for him. he needs this.
what started out as a replacement for frannie, has turned out a "happy distraction" to the "dawg daze" of summer! and a friend for my kids.
love at first sight. a frightened little thing!

o.k. now you are chic! no?

you cannot catch me! do not try!

a genuine smiling face tells me we did GOOOOOD!

oh, a boy and his dog! wait, this pup was supposed to be for me!! OK, God, you know better than I!

Cheerio kisses, snuggles, jumps, plays, barks, and pants! she reminds me of "skip" in that great willie morris story. the boy, well, "butter" fits the description as he is followed around by his new "unconditional friend". i do think that they will make great renditions of typical norman rockwell scenes many times daily. as peanut has had moss at her side, now butter with his cheerio! wait, can you put butter on cheerios?  maybe we should have named him "waffles"!

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