Sunday, June 6, 2010

the house that bert grew up in.

i will call bert "trophy boy"! all of his tennis, basketball, and soccer 1st place, 2nd, most improved, and MOST DETERMINED trophy's are displayed in his childhood room in LR. he was one trophy winnin' boy. butter wanted one of his dad's smaller ones that he had to pass through "mimi" first. she was reluctant at first...but then said, "i don't know why i care if he takes one, they are bert's trophies!" i thought that was very big of her because bert is her only child and she has kept the most special of items from his childhood. the best thing in the house is the huge picture of bert in his all white tennis garb, framed beautifully in gold as you enter the house. his former headmaster "father tribou" used to say,"let's bow to the shrine" as he entered the home.

bert's parents are world travelers but DO NOT junk up the house NEAR ENOUGH with items from abroad (as i would). their house is immaculate, beautiful, very french, and also comfortable. their kitchen (my favorite room) is small, and SO PRECIOUS! they have this awesome fireplace in it that is so quaint in the winter. their round "farm country french" table that seats four comfortably was NEVER expecting the tornado of activity that would come it's way when our wild bunch arrives for a visit. the once, "make sure you have a coaster under your glass" table now houses wet bathing suits and play doe activities.
the home has a wonderfully big rec room to watch tv but we all gather around the small white counter top one that seems to be programmed to show only tennis matches, the weather channel, or cnn. ACTUALLY, now it has seen it's fair share of cartoon network and nickelodeon.
the kids love to go visit, and hate leaving. peanut cried today as we were leaving. the 7 hour commute makes it hard. but, we spend a wonderful amount of QT with them in LR, and when we go skiing, or for a visit to colorado together in the summer, and when they come here to bham. time with them is great and we fit our visits in between their wonderful travels. on to ALASKA they go next!

the trophy collection.

the "great room" with beautiful beams

the french country kitchen

love the beams and wallpapered ceiling in yellow and blue toile!

what "Father Tribou" called "the shrine"
i think bert was 17 or 18 yrs old.

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