Thursday, May 20, 2010

snuggie fit for a queen

i got a "snuggie" for mothers day. the amazing phenom of television marketing..the blanket with arms? if you do not know what i am talking about...YOU GET OUT TOO MUCH and do not watch enough t.v. sheeeesh! get with the "program" ha! it actually works for me in the alabama heat because the house is cold from the air conditioning. ANYWAY, one is supposed to wear the snuggie turned around backwards, and, just like in the commercial...sitting happily on the couch eating popcorn and hanging out with another model that you just met who is sitting with your actor kids. oh, no...not me. not me... i have WAY to much to do. today and most days i "rig" my snuggie for my ultimate comfort AND mobility. i turned the snuggie around to the front, grabbed my white velcro physical therapy belt(for my SI joint), and cinched that blue snuggie up as much like a robe as possible. NOTE TO SNUGGIE PEOPLE, MAKE ONE THAT FUNCTIONS AS A ROBE, HELLO? NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO (or can) SIT ON THE COUCH! you might be asking, "why does liz NOT just buy a robe?" the question makes perfect sense, but until you have slid yourself in this snuggie you can't compare ANY fleece to it! the feeling is ultimate yumminess!

PICTURE IT: early morning, snuggie cinched, but has a long "train" in the back and being dragged behind me is all of the things that collect under it. today, it was a leggo man, a dust bunny, and a cheerio. oh i am ROYALTY, a queen donning my snuggie with a train! my bobby pin sticking straight up from the night is my crown! my children are my subjects (sent off to school)! my 4 year old muse is still asleep, and when he awakens oh what fun he will be! my zit cream, the marking of a true beauty. my king, already at work for much construction estimating has to be done for this kingdom! my coffee, my Bible....hey, i am heading to the couch...almost there, almost there. until i hear the muse as he stirrs just in time... no snuggie couch time for this queen! there is work to be done! instant oatmeal?

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