Wednesday, May 26, 2010

injections in my scalp!

is it weird that i actually look forward to going to the dermatologist to get injections in my scalp? i am still battling alopecia areata. it is a pain but it is part of my life. i have not [in almost 7 years] had a "spot free" full head of hair it has not bothered me in a while until i have had very little hair on the sides of my head for months? this, to me, is sort of a little warning sign of times to come. i know that there is an EXTREME possibility that i will lose all of my hair sometime in my life. this is ok. for real....i am almost ok with this possibility. i feel the Holy Spirit calming my anxiety about it. i have never been an "average" person. oh except for my grades...those were "average". but, besides that. nope. not average. height? above average. weight? probably below average. style? ABOVE AVERAGE BABY. personality? above (i've been told). three autoimmune disorders? not average.
so, here i my not average doc appointment to have some shots that i look forward to (because they will help grow hair!). and i plan on photographing the event for you junkies! not, needle junkies (please get help if that is a problem for you). i hope to video it, actually.
i will bring a baggie of m&m's for crunch. it will keep him occupied.

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