Thursday, May 13, 2010

mexican squirrels?

oh yes, i said it....MEXICAN SQUIRRELS! i LOVE to feed my birds. i know what kind come to my feeders and i have even given them people names, there is "robber", "conan", "heidi"(who was tragically killed by a murderous cat),"red" and the twins. i do not name the doves because they don't deserve it. they are glorified pigeons. yes, i said that too. sqirrels are the greatest ALBATROSS to a birder like me. i can't stand them with a raging passion. they are little daredevils that can hang by one claw from a spiderweb to dip into your stash of delicious EXPENSIVE birdseed. you can even try and get one of those anti squirrel feeders. they can figure out those too. they can leap from 10 feet on your feeder...spilling all of the seed onto the ground and still manage to get a couple of bites out of the feeder. i really can't stand SQUIRRELS! my mother knows this, and in an attempt to help me, she shows up with a big bag of birdseed and two packets of something called "squirrel away". you mix this powder in with the seed. it covers each seed with a thin layer of CHILI PEPPER HOTNESS that squirrels HATE (supposedly). in fact, you have to hold your breath and wash your hands as you are mixing it into the birdseed because it is so potent that if breathed in, you are sent into a coughing spell. hand washing is also a must because just a little in the eyes will ruin your day. for a while this seemed to be working. i would do an evil "mwahahahaha" as i watched them one by one try the seed and then jump to the nearest branch and run their faces down the tree. but over the course of the spring, these scavengers have begun to LIKE the hot chili pepper! on any given afternoon there are 5 squirrels gathered on the ground under the feeder or trying to climb up to collect falling seed! they are having a mexican fiesta! i swear i heard one of them shout OLE' the other day. i even added more of the powder which has not stopped them one bit! i forgot to explain an important fact. the birds do not have taste buds so can't taste the hot chili! if ANYONE has any secrets to keeping squirrels from my feeders...BRING IT ON! BAMANOS!!!
click on this video below of one of my mexican squirrels prowling around my feeder!

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