Wednesday, May 19, 2010

munchkin and phoebe

when i met phoebe, another dog caught my eye also. munchkin. phil, the adoption dude said, "that is the best dog here and NO ONE seems to want her...she has been here 4 months!" oh, my heart was broken, but when we got her out of the cage, she had WAY too much energy for me (duh, she has been in a cage for 4 months!). i felt sad but little did i know that one of my bff's would be at a pet supply store two days later (with her two daughters) and see munchkin and WANT HER! SO, i told them about how long she had been there yada yada...anyway they brought home munchkin yesterday. and after bathing her...shooooooooweeeeeee~! she happily resides with their other terrier mix and did not cry once in her kennel last night (duh, she's been in a cage for 4 months!).
here is the crazy part of the story: while my bff and her friend were at the shelter picking up the dog, they witnessed a lady and her son try to adopt PHOEBE! she said they were VERY UPSET. i have no idea how this has happened since i have been in contact with them for almost two weeks now.

here is one theory of how this happened:
there is a MINUTE possibility that someone was reading my blog, saw phoebe, read the post that bert would not let me have her, and decided that they wanted her, (without checking the next post that he had changed his mind). i had called and claimed her. my paperwork was already in their system. she was marked as ADOPTED.
if you are one of my bloggers and you tried to adopt phoebe, i am so sorry that you were under the impression that she was still available. she is coming home and will be very happy. i am so sorry that your son was sad. this makes me SO SAD. my kids have been counting down the hours for phoebe's homecoming. i hope that you and your son will adopt one of the other precious dogs that need homes. posted above is a picture of munchkin and phil the adoption dude!

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