Tuesday, May 11, 2010

crunch did not steal any "special recipe" brownies

so, we were eating tonight and a group of twenty-somethings were right next to us. we...meaning the five of us and our friends and their two kids, were wrecking the ambiance of this peruvian/mexican restaraunt. but who gives a fudge if we were irritating anyone? i have found there to be truth to the "power in numbers" thing. anyhoo, as we were hanging out waiting for our food, i noticed a fresh homemade hot pan of brownies at the table next to us. hmmmm, [i thought quietly to myself] what kind of dessert can you get here? a whole stinkin pan of brownies? so i leaned in toward them and noticed that they had a light brown coating on top. hmmm? [i thought to myself] those look "funny" and why are there greenish parsley like flakes in them? but i am sure they were simply butterscotchy herbalish brownies. EVERYONE is so into natural ingredients right? i am so sure of it.. the more i THINK about how sure i am of it makes me even more sure of it. anyway, i was leaning toward them and a big guy at the table next to us about did a jamoca twist shake to grab the pan before i got too close. WOAHHHH BIG FELLA! i was just checking them out. sorry i got a little TOO close. i'm not gonna eat your brownies, dude. just lookin'. sheeeesh!

let us just fast forward through the painstaking evening, you know? the same evening we have with our friends over and over HOPING it will be different this time. we TRY to have adult conversation at one end of the table and the kids inevitably interrupt us with EVERY question, whimper, whine, and grumble..."Mommmmmmm, how come they do not have shirrrrly temmplessss heeeeeeeeere???...whyyyyyy can't i have a coke?.....telll brother to stttop botheringggg me!...he is THROWING SPITBALLS AT ME...THROUGH HIS STRAWWW!!!!"
it is funny really, as they grumble, we tend to guzzle. LORD, please help this margarita to do what it needs to to CALM my nerves. please?

SO, as we are collecting our stuff to leave, i am sipping the last of my margarita, i see crunch running away from the pan of brownies, WITH HIS MOUTH FULL! oh yes, he swiped a whole brownie and was taking cover when i caught him. my friend and i looked at eachother, then to the other table.........who was chatting it up and never saw crunch. FYEWWWWWWWWWW! [i said to myself again] i gathered him quietly and we made our way to the exit. as we were leaving, my friend said to me..."what if those were 'special' brownies? they sure did look kinda weird."
so, there is a very tiny chance that my child had a psychodelic brownie? such a small chance that it is not EVEN worth blogging about it. so i won't. i will not jump to any crazy conclusion that these college twenty somethings with nothing better to do on a tuesday night then to go out and have peruvian/mexican, margaritas, coronas, and their own special homemade brownies. i will not even second guess my decision not to outright ASK the group if they were just regular greenish fudgie love filled brownies. we just ran away and i am pretending that nothing happened. cuz it didn't.


  1. hilarious! did he sleep last night??!

  2. yes, he slept heavily and i did not notice any midnight "munchies". although, he requested a widespread panic song for a bedtime story. liz

  3. hmmm...what would crunch be like high. well...probably not much different than he is now. you're right...tough case to crack.