Sunday, May 2, 2010

home from the beach

so hard to jump
back into my life
from my toes in the sand
to tripping over toys
breaking skin on a leggo
it's like climbing out of a hot tub
into the snow
the snow might be pretty
but it requires more layers
first... the t-shirt of patience
then...the pants with built in padding for hand to hand combat
last...the jacket with pockets for band aids, dum dums (for bribing),
a "mike-a-rita" for happy hour??
throw on a hat for quick thinking and some boots..waterproof, poo-proof and fast moving!
what is left of my beach weekend? a giggle at a remembered story, new relationships and new strength for old ones.
priceless "girl time".
we'll do it again in 365 or so days.

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