Saturday, May 15, 2010

a conversation about God.

a facebook discussion between many "friends" ended with a question posed to me. a few of the other folks were actually denouncing God and using terrifying language that was pagan, at best, God-hatred at worst.

hmmmm....interesting...very very interesting... i like the term and the band "Blind Faith", for me..
how can any G-d allow children to be sexually abused/killed....and so me with that Liz..tough concept to swallow a pretty open-minded me see beyond these obvious ridiculous crimes on humanity and the presence or lack there of your/my G-D...thanks for your time and heart.

friend, i wish i had the answer to that question. but i don't. all i know is if something happens like that to me or someone that i love, i will have to trust in the sovereignty that He is in control of everything. it is BLIND FAITH because you can't see it or the answers but upon the fall of man in the garden, He allowed sin to enter the world. i can imagine that he STOPS as many horrible things from happening as well. we just can't know it because our brains are not capable of understanding his bigness and greatness. i have a friend that came to the Lord through the death of her infant child. all on the idea of "blind trust" she needed to know that we are not just floating around here without any purpose. God certainly does not sit up in heaven and say "gosh, i wish i could have stopped that, but its all free will for everyone!" He has purpose in it ALL. every bit of it. every bit. if we were 2 days old,could we understand organic chemistry? our brains can't understand His purposes. we are too small. Christianity is the LEAST narcissistic religion. it is not a self-based belief system. it is all about Him. i could not pay for my sins, which is death, so HE did, on the cross paying the penalty stamping my overdraft account "paid in full". it is ALL ABOUT HIM. a lot of other beliefs are about "what can my God do for me?" this is about what he has done for me, through me, and for His glory. "come to me, all who are weary and burdened and i will give you rest" Matthew 11:28
i do think you are the real deal!! thank you for your question. take some more up with Him. He will answer you in his WORD. reading John in the bible and Psalms is a GREAT way to start.

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