Saturday, September 11, 2010

where was rico??

well, RICO the elderly dwarf hamster, went missing sometime in the night on thursday night/friday morning. peanut noticed that he was not in his cage and had squeezed out of small gap that had been left from poor cage assembly. she ripped her room up looking for the little guy. no such luck. pea was devastated that her hamster might really be gone. we set the cage on the ground with the door opened. and VOILA! this morning, we found him...hanging out...on his wheel! in his CAGE! home sweet home. his own happy Brier patch. meanwhile THANK GOODNESS the weenie dog is back at the trainer. he would have had him a rico sandwich! for sure. he tries to get to butter's hamster and i know it is not to play! he is a hunter. we might just have to train him to dove and duck hunt. NOT hamster hunt.

tear the room upside down!

good idea!

rico, rico
where were you?
bess was crying and i did not know what to do?
we searched and scoured the messy room
hoping we would not find that you had met your doom
were you hanging out with barbie and her friend ken?
or were you on the couch? out in the den?
oh, rico you are one cool dude!
we are so glad you are not doggie food.
glad you are back from your vacation...
we are hoping you will stay in your plastic station!

"rico" a terrible poem by liz

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