Monday, September 20, 2010


i have a checking account! just for my art business! i can't believe it. i am totally NOT going to spend all of my money now at garage sales and thrift stores. i promise. you know why? because i have to prove to my family that i can MANAGE money! and i also want to prove it to myself. so i tootled into BBVA Compass Bank in downtown Homewood (my favorite branch because it feels like a family bank)and started an account! just for me. not bert. ok, i will LEND money to him from my "this funky junky" account, but only if he begs!
ok, so this is banker, Edward Elliot, is a friend from church, so if i overdraw like crazy he might wonder why i am taking communion! TOTALLY kidding! i am so excited about the whole thing.

"hey, liz! we are so excited you are here! want some money for your account?"

HEY, LIZ! i am SO excited to start your business account! BTW what did you think of this week's sermon? awesome!


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