Saturday, September 4, 2010

rebel is HOME!

so, margaret (the dog whisperer) said i could take REBEL home! he has made enough progress that she felt good about letting him re-enter society. i gave the finished painting to her and SHE LOVED IT! she was hanging it when i left with rebel. she told me to bring the reb right back if he misbehaves and falls back into his old nasty ways! REBEL IS A DIFFERENT DOG. but, for those of you that have never experienced a puppy boot camp rehabilitation program, i must tell you, THE ADULTS NEED TO BE TRAINED ALSO! SO, this morning at 8:30 we filed into the "training room" with a different trainer. this time CALVIN,(the black caesar milan!) was our "family" trainer. i can only hope that margaret gave him a warning that my kids are wild! even bert came to this part of the process (like he had a choice!). we all participated and calvin worked with fox and banks and also taught verbally, A LOT about what we are to know in order to keep rebel "rehabilitated!"
i am thrilled with the progress that rebel made in the two and a half weeks that he was there. he has not bitten anyone since he has been back. he has responded well to commands. he does not do that puppy gnawing thing on hands and feet. bottom line, he does not think he is Captain America and he knows he is not the "pack" leader. he is not the boss. it has been quite miraculous! CREATIVE DOG TRAINING IN HOMEWOOD AND CAHABA HEIGHTS! we are forever indebted! the col. rebel, OLE MISS' new mascot is home and happy! HOTTY TODDY!

"margaret's pack!"

professor calvin!

rebel, working with butter

is all this fuss about me?

calvin! thank you for working with the reb! you rock!

oh, and by the way, margaret's best guess is that rebel's mom (a weenie dog) mated with a boston terrier! SO, he is no longer a "chi-weenie" he is a "bo-weenie" with a "bwoston" accent! "what a you lookin at? yous ain't neva seen a bo-weenie?"

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