Thursday, September 9, 2010

dove hunting? you've got to be kidding!

so, bert takes the peanut and butter to a dove shoot. ok, a little bonding time for them. neat. so neato. wait, daddy was actually shooting the dove?? they were falling, being retrieved by a dog and dropped cold and dead at your feet? and you thought that was NEAT? WHAT? there was a little boy POKING the dead bird in the eye? was that NEAT? i think NOT!! Bert, what have you done? if they had been flying hamsters, the mood would have been different! yikes, they LOVED IT! and are gonna do it again. this time....I AM GOING. i am going to monitor this dead bird thing. ok? by the way, the birds were DEEEEEELICIOUS! but that is beside the point. the point is...well i don't really have a point. just don't poke birds in the eye. ok? are we square? thanks.

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