Friday, September 24, 2010

painting party!

my friend elizabeth asked me to host a painting party for her birthday. we worked out the detes and then had the party last night. it was a lot of work to prepare my home for the event. two flights of stairs to bring all painting supplies to the outdoor covered porch. card tables, tablecloths, fans, and places for the girls to sit, eat and drink. i was a sweaty mess by the time they got here. we painted owls. i particularly like the owl that was named coco. can you find her? a GREAT time was had by the guests (i hope) and i had fun too. i hope to do more and now i know what to tweek. they were my guiney pigs (sorry girls).


getting ready to paint!


finished HOOTS!
(elizabeth, far right)
where is coco?
hint: top row

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  1. Loved meeting you last night and checking out your blog! The party was AWESOME and I loved getting to tap into my artistic side for a change. Thanks for your great instruction and inspiration! (This is Faith btw, Elizabeth's sister)