Sunday, September 19, 2010

fancy and a cowboy!

one of my "to do list" dreams came true friday night. i got to see REBA! she was in town with GEORGE STRAIGHT who is an added bonus because bert loves him. i was offered tickets at face value from a friend and they happened to be 5th row! i bought bert a "cowboy shirt" which was only a short sleeve plaid button down and i dressed "fancy" on the top and wore jeans and cowboy boots. well, when Reba came out....i freaked. ok, a little background.....martha (my roommate) and i used to drive down the road in oxford and sing to her music at the top of our lungs. she would tell me how great her concerts were and i would say, "oh, i'm going one day...FOR SURE!" we especially loved the songs "does he love you" and "fancy".
Lee anne womack opened up for them and she ended up making an appearance with REBA to do the duet...."DOES HE LOVE YOU". THIS is when i turned into a complete dork, sang EVERY word as if i was the star!
when reba came out...are you ready....i started crying! yes, this is REBA, not the beatles! but yes there i was on the 5th row bawling like a baby! bert's expression was priceless. it was like he was saying...FOR REAL?
let me add some more background. i watch the show REBA (re-runs) practically every day when i paint or fold laundry i feel as if we are dear friends! i laugh so hard because it is a HILARIOUS TV SHOW! so, i was seeing a legendary singer AND one of my favorite tv stars. it was just too much.
oh and i got on the JUMBO TRON i am sure with mascara running down my face!
George straight was GREAT. he plays like he is playing in a honky tonk bar and seems shy, humble and sweet. he was awesome and we had a fit during "ALL MY EX'S LIVE IN TEXAS"!
i got some great pictures i would love to share.

the duet

"Barbara Jean", one of my favorite REBA show cast members came out. she was HILARIOUS!

we were SO CLOSE!


george shaking my hand!

me and MY cowboy!

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