Sunday, September 12, 2010


peanut's soccer team: the FIRECRACKERS played on friday night. first of all, i am a completely obnoxious sports mom. running up and down the sidelines cheering for each player. i can't stop! one of my friends (and you know who you are) was looking at magazines! and catalogs! LIGHT FIXTURES!! i just can't be that calm!
ok SO, peanut was at GOALIE for the first half and she did GREAT! i was so proud of her because the other team was good and they were ALL OVER the goal the whole half! i know nothing about soccer but pea and another little girl guarded that goal like their life depended on it. i was SO PROUD! they did score twice on them BUT, not without a fight! and MOST IMPORTANTLY, their costumes no...their UNIFORMS are cute as a button! correction...their uniforms are intimidating and LOUD! like FIRECRACKERS!! BOOM!
cuties! but TOUGH AS NAILS! can't you tell?

look at my girl!

chunk it sista!

get ready peanut!

is that my child THROWING herself on the ball? GO PEANUT!

fun times were had! soccer is a blast!

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