Wednesday, September 29, 2010

behind the scenes at the fashion show

i did a fashion show today! it was a blast! here are some pics from backstage!

working on my runway "pattern"

my pattern looks like a fallopian tube? weird

ruth, the choreographer and her apprentice, sissy

waiting backstage to do our run-through

and we're walking....i was "shooting from the hip" literally walking and taking pics from my hip. an act like this is like suicide for a model. you could get in trouble OR WORSE, trip and fall and accidentally photograph the fall.

hold still...look with the blush and finish with glossssss!

let's just prick this hair up and NOW....that is good!

audrey the beautiful commentator!
she will always be the picture of fashion!

there she is! miss ALABAMA! she's so adorable it is just SICK!

my "dresser" was GREAT! she made the wardrobe changes run smoothly! and...she babysits!

 mother and daughter models! beautiful!

the beautiful and sweet dianne!

"our work here is DONE!" great stylists!

"show ready"

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