Monday, February 1, 2010

portrait turned fun art

a few posts ago i shared with you that i would be re-painting an old "portrait" to add my additional child to it. well, i tried, and tried. i started with peanut....disaster. she ended up looking like a contestant for "toddlers in tiaras". it was awful. i tried all different expressions, face color lip matter WHAT...she ended up looking like she was FORTY!! Painting portraits of yourself or your children (i have heard) proves to be one of the hardest things to do. as a rule. i do not know why. but it WAS. so i said BLAAAAAAAAAA and decided to make a "fun" painting out of it. i like it MUCH better. SO from original hideous 40 year old little girl to FUN FUN FUN! UP on the MANTLE and i am happy. NOTICE: beloved "rico" on Peanut's shoulder. no painting is complete without the family rodent.

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  1. love it. i think this post needs to be followed by a pictures of our defuniak family portrait with a special note for the fact that willow was included!