Thursday, February 25, 2010

firetrucks are AWESOME!!

So let's call one~~ and all you have to do is pull this red lever and the whole place will start making lots of noisy woop woop woop sounds and then you get to all run outside and have fun watching the whoooooiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooo come driving up! with all the firemen and the kids outside. what a great adventure! and when mommy comes to get me at school and everyone is looking at her like "tsk tsk tsk poor thing she's got her hands full". SO, when mommy comes to my schoolroom the teacher tells her that she has to go to the principal's office and mommy is having a deja-vu from all the times she had to go to the principal's office in school. then mommy tries to hold back the tears as they talk about me. ooh what happened at school today? (daddy asks)
Nufing.....i say.

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