Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what i wrote....what i meant....

what i wrote on my website for the Haiti painting auction:

I chose the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund I would LOVE to donate to a ministry but in choosing this organization i feel more secure about the money going DIRECTLY to HAITI.....and I LOVE GEORGE BUSH (to throw that in). I know that they will make sure that the supplies are actually being distributed.

what i meant by this is that the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has more resources to get the supplies in the hands of the people. BECAUSE of the unrest and the looters, "thugs" if you will, that are stealing food and medicine from people. The organization has a bigger "presence" when they arrive and probably some serious security with them.

what i did not mean is that MINISTRIES will not get all of the money to the Haitian people or that they will use the funds for other things. this was pointed out to me by a person very close to me. i apologize to anyone who i offended. I LOVE MINISTRIES and in fact we ALL have a ministry of our own! i consider that mine is through this blog and my art!

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