Thursday, February 11, 2010

how i see this.

i was trying to encourage a friend today on the phone. and in doing so, i believe the Holy Spirit was speaking to me as well. i told her "GOD LOVES YOU and will never leave you" and she said to me, "I don't believe that right now". and i said back to her, "it does not matter what you is still true.....i don't care if you believe it or not. it is TRUE. the Bible tells us so."

we are so ARROGANT and SELF-FOCUSED that we think that we can CHOOSE to believe whatever we "pick" to believe out of the Bible. whatever verses "feel good" whichever ones affirm US. UGGGGGGGG! it drives me crazy! who do we think we are?? we can't pick and choose what we think is true. the BIBLE is the WORD OF GOD and it is all TRUTH. let us NOT put him in our little tiny world "bubble" and say things like "God would not do that because he is a 'loving God'" well, does God work within the parameters of what WEBSTER and the rest of his definition cronies define as "good" and "loving"? how dare we diminish him to our level. he is GOD. THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. is his definition of GOOD and LOVING the same as ours?
let me give you an example of some of the dialogue that i have heard. "if you have enough faith and you really believe that you will be healed. then you will be healed. God made your body to 'work properly'... right? you just have to "claim the verses all over the gospels about how all of those people's 'faith had healed them'." in Mark 5:34 a woman just wanted to touch the edge of Jesus' cloak for his power and he asked "who touched me?" and he told her "daughter, your faith has healed you". stories are all over the Bible about the miracles of healing and they are all true! now, i am not a pastor, or teacher or scholar of the Bible, BUT is our definition of "healing" supposed to cover just physical healing OR is God also talking to us about our souls? what i mean is, don't we all die eventually of something? whether it is a disease or old age or even an accident. when we die...and we will...should that not fall into the category of "not healed?" isn't death the antithisis of HEALING?
what i am trying to say is if one is a believer, he will rise from death on earth, to be with Jesus in heaven. THIS IS the ULTIMATE HEALING.
let me get something straight, one CAN be healed on earth of illness. OF COURSE. and there are many miracles that happen every day! BUT, if God does not choose to heal one on earth this does not necessarily mean that the person was lacking faith.

when a child is sick or dying it is DEVASTATING, UNTHINKABLE, and HORRIBLE? do i have any idea why God allows these things? no, the same way a newborn baby can't comprehend calculus or organic chemistry. our minds are not capable of understanding these things but I do know that the Bible tells me that God is SOVEREIGN, HE LOVES HIS CHILDREN, and he calls us in HIM with all of our hearts, and lean NOT on our own understanding; but in ALL OUR WAYS, ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, and HE will direct our paths. proverbs 3:5

Do i like some of the things that have happened in my life? no. do i think that the disasters that i have seen on television happening in our world right now are ok? no. do i think that i am big enough to understand them? no. in choosing to believe "whatever i want" wouldn't i love to say that God has no part in these things? YES. YESSS....but wait? really? if I said that God has no control over disaster, devastation and calamity, that would have to mean that "He, the LORD of the UNIVERSE (that made all things by just thinking of them) just hanging out in heaven thinking...."goodness me, i wish i could have done something about that. oh and THAT- O MAN i wish i could have stopped that from happening." how ridiculous does that sound? THAT IS NOT MY GOD. MY GOD knows all things and has full power and sovereignty and EVERYTHING that happens in this world passes through his hands before it comes to be. HE IS NOT A HELPLESS AND WIMPY GOD that is ruled by free will and Satan. HE is a God that knows every hair on my head and every sparrow that falls to the ground (matt. 10:30) YOU might not like it. it certainly is not politically correct. but it is not up to you to like it. it is TRUTH and it sure as heck sets me free.

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  1. I just found your blog via feedjit. I just wanted you to know that I really like your blog! :)