Monday, February 15, 2010

rock the casbah

bert and i were in an argument about the words to the song "rock the casbah by the clash. bert thought it was "ROCKIN' THE CASBAH." i thought it was "ROCK THE CASBAH". it turns out we are both right it first says ROCKIN' then it says "ROCK". then BERT said it is "i really don't like it.....rockin' the casbah..." i corrected him that it was "the "SHARIF" don't like it" the local sherrif don't like it but rock the casbah anyway. you know? turns out i was wrong and it is some girl named "sharita" that don't like it. who the heck is SHARITA?

you know when you have been thinkin the same thing for so long and then you find out it is not true it kind of rocks the boat and casbah.

special confession: this post reminds me of something. i just learned, after 35 years of life that the word "forty" is not spelled "fourty" ok how long have bank tellers been laughing at me? huh!

lol it just popped up on spellcheck! i KNOW how to spell it now! sheesh! oh and WHAT is a CASBAH anyway because spellcheck does not even recognize it!

OK one day later....i just went on another website cause this whole SHARITA thing is really buggin. another lyric website says it is the SHAREEF don't like it!!
PHEWWWWWW. i have been so worried about this! i'm gonna go with shareef because sharita is creepy and seems wrong. oh so wrong!

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