Friday, April 30, 2010

you LOUSE!!!!

ok SO....the worst of the worst and one of the least most FUN things has happened. the phone call:
nurse: mrs. liz? we have butter in the health room and we have what we think might be a couple of suspicious spots in his hair. now............................(she talks with long pauses) this might be lice eggs.

me: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT??? oh no you are kidding me! this can't be happening! i am going to the beach tomorrow do we have to treat the whole family? should you go and check my daughter while you are at it???

so, there i am with both kids with "possible" lice. checked out of school. i headed to pre-school to get crunch. might as well have a freakin bug party with all of our family and some of that wonderfully affordable shampoo and de-bugging comb through gel! NOT ONLY THAT!!! we had to strip all of the sheets and comforters and pillows and cushion covers. then we had to put all of the stuffed animals and anything that can't be washed in garbage bags for like three weeks. THEN we have to DE-EGG ourselves each day because (grab a barf bag) in 7 days the EGGS WILL HATCH. huuuuaaaah. i just threw up in my mouth.

everyone was treated except for bert. he'll be sorry when he has a couple of hatching eggs on his head.

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