Saturday, April 24, 2010

a hole in my heart and a crash diet

i feel a bit of a hole in my heart where frannie used to be. sounds kind of silly but i do! i miss holding her and i miss her sleeping with me in the bed. don't get me wrong, moss the dog is GREAT but he is SO big that i cant hold him, i've tried. and when he gets up in my lap...well, it's just weird. and he should be named "gassy the dog" cuz when he toots it is an almost visible green cloud that looms so densely on your face that it is like some sort of atomic re verb. (i do not know if that sentence made sense but it does not matter cuz this is my blog and i can say what i want). so i started thinking that i might be ready to have a smaller (already trained) pound dog. i went online and found the cutest little 12 lb adult dog that would be perfect xcept for the adult part because what if she is actually really old and then i have to go thru the same thing that i went through with frannie? right now the kids are gathering all of their money together and have come up with $26.83 for a new dog. they are going to put it in bert's walk-in closet with a note that says "money for new doggie" how will he be able to resist? he has said no to a new dog. but we are not asking for a new dog we are asking to "rescue a previously owned or abused dog". i just heard butter shout to peanut "hey i just found 10 cents!" so they now have $26.93! they only need about a hundred or so to cover adoption fees.

update on moss the dog's crash diet:
he has become a much better "dustbuster" than before. he can spot and hear a dropped m&m from across the house. he has even resorted to eating grass.
he stole a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the counter top that shay (the babysitter) made for crunch. she is still mad at him. we have been exercising him and he gets tired pretty easily but one day he pulled crunch on his tricycle down the sidewalk with his leash. that was fun until butter realized that he needed to actually "STEER" the handle bars. we won't try that again for a while (that was a "what was i thinking" moment).

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