Saturday, April 17, 2010

hell is full of mismatched socks

right now at this moment i am sitting in a pile of socks that have been in THE BLACK BOX. with no matches. why can't i throw them away? because, lemme tell you why....ok....well, i keep throwing socks from the dryer into this box thinking OK NOW the matches have made their way in. i just bet THAT VERY sock that has not had a match in two years is going to finally find his long lost lover sock. SO i POUR out the entire box on my bed and try and match them. every time i start this process i think OK i can just throw all of these away and go buy a six pack of socks for each kid and all problems will be solved. but noooooooooooooooo i can't seem to let go of this BLACK BOX and be FREEEEEEEEEEEE! i am like one of those hoarder ladies that cries when her socks go on the "Got Junk?" truck. EVEN after she found her lost set of teeth under the pile of old newspapers and her collection of dog poop. (i know i am not the only one that watches that show). right a minute...or two there will be a black box of socks on the street. i'm taking steps FORWARD! right NOW! watch me world! hoarder lady and her new/old teeth are heading outside! here i go! right after i make sure there are no possible matches. i'm just saying.

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