Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a lost art

dear junkys,
today was a pretty day and i was outside when the mailman came. he handed me our usual small stack of mail. i noticed a black envelope addressed to me. when i flipped it over to see who it was from i had a natural smile because this girl is one of my FAVES of all people. BUT, i knew it was probably an invitation to a home clothing show or something. i mean...what else would it be if not an invitation? ALTHOUGH, it is actually getting a little rare to get a "snail mail" invite as apposed to an "e-vite". i opened it and was touched by what i read...A NOTE, A LETTER, an actual WRITTEN (by hand) NOTE TO ME! it was so fun to open an envelope and read the words that someone is thinking of you. in this case, my friend was thinking about me and how i had lost my dog. she also offered her own story of losing her dog and how hard it was. SHE EMPATHISED. then she gave me assurance that my grief would subside. she also wrote that she would be praying for my family.
i saw her tonight at the soccer field. i hugged her neck and thanked her for the sweet note. we both agreed that hand written notes are a dying art and the Internet has replaced it.
i feel encouraged to write notes to people. i hope that this art does not die as the quill and ink bottle did. don't misunderstand: i LOVE facebook and all of the e-notes that i send and am sent. LOVE THEM. but, something happened to me today when i realized that someone spent the time to sit down and hand write a note to me. that action alone shows thought, consideration, time, effort, and a stamp!
i'm gonna write a letter tomorrow. thanks K.I.!!
P.S. this was not handwritten.
P.P.S. i don't know or remember what P.S. actually stands for.

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