Monday, January 4, 2010

i am an alien

just read in a book how when raising kids you might feel like you are raising an alien...or three. but the truth is..i, too, am an alien. right now crunch sluggs himself in between me and the computer, chomping on his THIRD stolen lollipop. smacking in my ear. the other two have ASKED for a lollipop and been denied but because crunch is so stinkin cute and has learned to weasel his way into the candy room and any situation, shoplifting the love and lollipops from all of us ALL along the way! TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER. this is how i feel. how can one have so much power over every situation until they get to be a certain age and then they are not as good at manipulation.
so, bert figured out how to transfer our gas fireplace into a wood burning one and we sit....trying to have an enjoyable time sittttiiinngg. it is not working. crunch has wrapped a lamp cord around his ankle and our wine glasses just missed destruction by a millimeter due to flying lollipop sticks and a flashlight that butter had in his hand..."GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH" bert BARKS and then massages my back for any sort of attention he can get. spaghetti sauce still sitting on the cook top from dinner. "teenie bottom...teenie bottom" the boys are singing while they decorate their toothbrushes. "did we get any mail?" what planet are we on? the one between christmas and when they go back to school. it is exhaustion city, between late christmas card send-out county and the district of my pants don't fit. too tired to even spell check this post..."hey LIZ?????" i'm ignoring berts plea.."there are no sheets on butter's bed" OH for the LOVE OF SAM HILL here i come..."BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!"

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