Thursday, January 7, 2010

winter storm 2010

ok so it flurried like crazy today. the kids got all excited. in fact, they were in a total panic when they got home from school (dismissed early!) to run around in the flurries (that did not even think of sticking!) "i can't find my other glove...MOM, i can't EVER find any matching gloves! hurry! we are going to go play in the SNOW!" Peanut actually CRIED because of her stinkin glove and by the time they all looked like "Ralfie" on "a christmas story". they each had on two jackets, and boots and hats and glove..s... they headed out to the trampoline to jump in the "snow" and returned only to say that it was too cold and they just wanted to watch a movie.

meanwhile...between the bread and milk frenzied folks and the ones preparing for their "national championship" parties i feel sure the grocery stores had the biggest financial day of the year. now, here in the south land we sit, disappointed in our stinky "snow day". with PLENTY of bread and milk and a bunch of "woo hooing" Bama fans!

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