Monday, January 11, 2010


acknowledging the post below. i was not grouping ALL ALABAMA fans into one category. in fact...i was BORN and raised a Bama fan until i bucked the system and went to THE UNIVERSITY of MISSISSIPPI! I do want to say that my DAD, SISTER and BROTHER IN LAW ALL went to ALABAMA and are AWESOME individuals and i have many friends that call it their own. i was only recognizing a few select in my post. bygons?? cheeto?


  1. HI Liz, I love your blog! You are so real, I wish I could be so transparent. Yes, Life with Kids is not easy, but has it's jewels. I saw two of our recent paintings, the Giffens and the Browns - I love them! We have 3 lil boys (5, 4, 2) and are about to travel to China to bring our lil girl (2) home. I'D LOVE to ask you to create a painting ode to the 4 kiddos - fun and God's grace upon us daily. Thanks so much!

  2. i will be in touch with you! i would love to do it!