Sunday, January 10, 2010

life is not easy. not really intended to be.

our "community group" from church met tonight as it does on sunday nights to fellowship, share a meal, discuss the sermon and pray for one another. a smaller group tonight meant more time to really share what had been going on over the holidays and what needed prayer. we found ourselves in a discussion about being CONTENT IN THE "NOW". we kinda all had the same revelation that when you finally GET what you have been waiting for and are left wanting MORE. it is the "if/then complex" we have called it. IF i can just get the job i want THEN i can be happy...."If i can JUST live in the house that i want THEN i will be good to GO!"...........
Of course tonight we correlate just about ANYthing we were talking about to Colt Mccoy's unfortunate injury. you KNOW...the one that in one "blip" and "crash" of his shoulder that took him out of the GAME OF HIS LIFE in the national championship game thursday in Pasadena. if you don't know what i am talking about, you live under a rock. BUT of course living in ALABAMA it seems to be ALL we have talked about for these few days since Texas lost to Alabama....bla bla not the point. the POINT is COLT, this young man/quarterback was obviously devastated when he injured his shoulder in the 1st quarter. ALL he had worked for, gone. in a blip. but do you know what this kid does? he proclaims the gospel and a congratulates Alabama. OH, he holds back the tears (because he has seen what the media has done to poor Tim Tebow after crying on national television) and says that his shoulder is "dead" feeling in it. still, someone writes on my facebook "colt mccoy might be a nice guy but he let his team down". ONLY one of the millions of negative comments that he will and has gotten i am sure. but I want you to be the judge as i link a clip of his interview. CLICK ON POST TITLE ABOVE TO SEE INTERVIEW
His HOPE is on the ROCK.....The Lord Jesus. and with or without a throwing arm he will never be left feeling like "what now, i have Jesus..I need more" he has the ONLY thing in life that does not ever leave or forsake you. ONLY if you have asked the Lord into your heart. no "if/then complex"... "if i win the national championship THEN i will be happy." guess what guys, and will be happy for a while but what THEN? you can only "WOOO HOOOO...ROLLLLLL TIDE about it for so long. either someone is going to tell you to shut up or little by little the high will wear off. THEN WHAT? IF Saban can pull it off again...then you will be the happiest EVER EVER....? it is endless and you can't take it with you. on your deathbed who do you want there with you SABAN or JESUS? wait...don't answer that.

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