Wednesday, December 1, 2010

36 years

a pic of me looking especially old. and what did i do with my hair that night?

i've made it 36 years being able to eat whatever in the heck i want and now ALL OF THE SUDDEN....well, let's just say...spare tires are not just for your car. waaaaaaa! i know, you DON'T feel sorry for me. but i do. SO! i am on a mission to be healthy and "toned". it has been yucky weather in the HAM the past few days, so i have been "mall walking". THIS INCLUDES retail window shopping, an i pod, sketchers shape-ups, and ten of my new geriatric friends! i have been asked by my friends "where are you mall walking?" really, this is not a question it is a statement... "certainly you are not walking in OUR LOCAL MALL, in front of people?" OHHHH YESSSSS I AMMM! an not ashamed! one thing that i MUST have are the brownish grey orthopedic shoes that my friends at the mall are wearing. the sketchers must be intimidating as i breeze by them. sometimes lapping them (twice). i would like to let some of them know that if they are not pushing it a little harder they are not doing enough! i guess i will let their trainer tell them (there might be one at the Foot Locker) the sad thing is that i find great pleasure in being the fastest one there! come on you local junkies! come walk with me. i will probably be faster than you because i am DETERMINED to get rid of the tire. and my legs are long. so, as soon as i get the name of the taupe easy spirits i will be UNSTOPPABLE! so if i see you rounding the turn at BELK... that is not a frown on my face, it is my new concentration face. do not disturb. and i can't stop and talk....this is serious business. smile and wave, boys, smile and wave.

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